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Terms and Conditions of Use

The organization of the programs included in this website is carried out by ONDA SOLAR TOURS LTD, with headquarters at Lugar Faja da Parreira, Nr. 2, Seixal, Porto Moniz 9270-122, Madeira, Portugal. Company ofCoastal and Local Transportation of Passengers, since 2017, March, the 8th, with portuguese VAT number 514334398 and registration number 514334398.
Reservations are only considered effective after the program price full payment and within the established deadlines. We reserve the right not to accept a reservation whose payment has been made after the deadline previously indicated. In this case, we will refund the entire amount paid. Reservations can be made online, without having to contact our operators. Alternatively, reservations can be made personally at the boarding points from our operators. In any of the methods, the conditions provided are the same and, if necessary, the support from our operators exactly the same.
In online bookings, the customers available payment methods are:
  • Multibanco (ATM)
  • MB Way
  • PayShop
  • PagaAqui
  • VISA/MasterCard
  • PayPal
At the boarding points the available payment methods are:
  • Cash
  • Multibanco (ATM)
  • MB Way
After payment, the invoice/receipt related to the purchase will be issued.
Booking online: the deadline for payment is indicated at the time of booking, and the customer can choose to pay immediately or later, indicating the reservation code that will be sent to him by electronic mail.
Booking at boarding points : the customer must pay according to the operator's instructions. Reservations that are not paid within the established deadlines will automatically be canceled and, therefore, those places on board are not secured anymore.
After paying for the reservation, the customer will receive a voucher that must be presented at the time of boarding. If the voucher is sent by email, the customer does not need to print it as long as it can be presented on a portable device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) in order to be verified electronically. The voucher will not only help at the time of boarding, but also comply with legal requirements.
All tours are subject to a minimum number of participants. If the number of participants is insufficient, we reserve the right to cancel the tour and to return to customers the amounts already paid, without the obligation to pay any additional compensation.
The prices indicated in this website are correct at the date of its update (2019) and are valid during the current year. The values ​​shown are in Euros (€) and include VAT at the vigorating portuguese legal rate. Since our programs are subject to unforeseen variations of government charges, taxes, surcharges, or other external and unrelated expenses, prices may vary throughout the year. Any legal obligations that invalidate or limit reservations already paid will be duly communicated to the client.
Prices indicated on this website will be reduced by 100% for children up to 6 years of age and 50% for children between the ages of 8 and 12. All children must be accompanied and under the responsibility of an adult. These conditions apply to all programs presented by ONDA SOLAR TOURS LTD. .
Whenever possible, ONDA SOLAR TOURS LTD. stipulates special prices for schools and groups. In this case, the leader of the school, or group, should contact our operators, in order to request a quote, by any of the available contacts.
ONDA SOLAR TOURS LTD., can not be held liable for any charges related to the distance traveled by the customer to carry out the tour, unless this service has been contracted by the company. In this way, the expenses registered by the customer before or after the tour that are not specified in the itinerary of the program, are not subject to any reimbursement.
For groups with a minimum of 20 paying participants (mandatory), we can carry out one of the programs that appear on this website in private, that is, with the boat exclusively for the group. In addition, we can structure a different program, depending on the needs of the group. To request a quote, the group leader should contact our operators by any of the available contacts.
ONDA SOLAR TOURS LTD. reserves the right to carry out promotional campaigns for certain products, at various times of the year, without prior notice. Customers can access these spontaneous campaigns through our website, and/or through our social networks. All campaigns have a stipulated deadline. After the set deadline, the campaign will be automatically inactive.
ONDA SOLAR TOURS LTD. reserves the right to cancel any tour or program if (at least) one of the following situations is verified: insufficient number of participants, charter of the boat addressed to the program, or non-controllable events, such as (but not limited to): bad weather conditions and poor navigability, damage in dams or sluice gates, mechanical breakdowns, strikes or unavailability of third party services, unforeseen delays. In the cases described above, the customer may choose to be reimbursed the amount already paid or accept another program suggested by ONDA SOLAR TOURS LTD., with its respective price variation. These cancellations do not require the additional payment of any compensation to the customer. When cancellation is requested by the client, we will refund the full amount paid if the cancellation is communicated at least within 24 hours before departure the tour. At the end of these 24 hours, failure to check in will mean the loss of the total amount paid, without right to reimbursement, unless medical justification.
ONDA SOLAR TOURS LTD. may change itineraries of the programs or alter boats when existing unforeseen situations, beyond our control, failures of services contracted to third parties or when the minimum safety conditions are not met. These changes, duly communicated to the client, do not require the payment of any additional compensation.
Any complaints will only be considered when made by the participants during the tour (to the onboard assistant or, by phone, to the Directors and company's maximum responsible persons) and presented in writing within 5 (five) days after the service date. All complaints will be analyzed and properly answered. Any dispute that we consider to be relevant and serious will be resolved in the Court of Funchal, with the express exclusion of any other. In compliance with the Portuguese Law nr. 144/2015 we inform that the resolution of consumer disputes should be handled by the arbitration commitee of Turismo de Portugal ( ).
Pets are not allowed on board. Only guide dogs or other animals for personal support are allowed to remain on board and will have to be subject to prior specific coordination at the time of booking.
Our boats do not have doctors or other health professionals at service. Any medical emergency will be treated at the nearest local medical facility. As it will be a service external to our company, ONDA SOLAR TOURS LTD., cannot be liable for the quality of the care provided by those medical facilities.
It is expressly forbidden to smoke in any area of the boats. Failure to comply with this rule will result in an offense under the Portuguese Law nr. 37/2007, of August the 14th.
Drinks are included in the price when described in the respective programs. All other drinks and food items will have to be purchased and paid directly at the boat's Bar
The on board currency coin is the Euro (€). In Portugal, there are ATM's on land that accept bank cards and provide banknotes. On board, the passengers can pay extra shipboard bills with their country's credit card.
The responsibility of ONDA SOLAR TOURS LTD. is guaranteed by insurance required by the Portuguese Law.
The tour price includes all legal taxes and government fees. The same is valid to all services contracted with ONDA SOLAR TOURS LTD.. All other taxes or fees, external to our services, such as airport taxes, immigration taxes, residence fees, amongst others are the responsibility of each customer.

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